Who I am: Hi, I’m Stephen. I have been traveling around the world for years. I am a travel blogger and freelance writer. My travel blogs and writing have been featured on websites such as Trip Advisor, Huffington Post, Forbes, Rolff Potts Vagabonding, and the Epoch Times.

What I do: Traveling is hard work. Each year I take dozens of trains, planes, and buses, navigate new cities and explore foreign cultures. Managing a lot of papers, tickets, visas, and timetables is sometimes tough.

Which is fine except for one minor problem.

I am extremely disorganized. 

Why I do it: Through years of trial and errors, I have learned many of the in’s and out’s of traveling. ( Mostly though my many mistakes)

One day I had a thought. I realized that people could benefit from all my knowledge, advice, and tips about traveling. Thus, the disorganized traveler was born.

I wouldn’t say I am a travel expert; that is silly.

I still make mistakes It is an important part of traveling.

This is full of tips, tech, hacks, and reviews that will help make your travels easier.