There are several unusual things to do in Edinburgh that elude many of us travelers.Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and hearing the name conjures images of Castles, magical forests with towering trees, craggy mountains and romantic vistas of long grassy plains teeming with the beautiful Scottish landscape. One thing I like most about this city is that you can see it all from your hotel balcony.

I love watching the sunset of the Scottish landscape taking in all its beauty. There are no shortages  Unusual Things To Do in Edinburgh. I prefer this hotel in the middle. because of the incredible views of the city.

Today Edinburgh is a modern city set amidst historical castles and forests that are there waiting for visitors to admire and marvel at. If you are an adventurous soul that wants to do away with the usual tourist track, these spots would be perfect for you.

They promise memorable adventures that you won’t quickly forget long after the trip is over.

Unusual Things To Do in Edinburgh

Things to do in Edinburgh

Blackford Hill

If it’s long walking that you are looking for, then this is the perfect destination for you. This hill is situated just a bit outside Edinburgh, and the climb is not heart stopping. The walk is a bit long but the paths are well defined, and the attraction of seeing Edinburgh at another angle than the usual view would be more than enough payment for the walk and climb.

Art Works at Fruit Market Gallery

Something special and definitely on the list of Unusual Things To Do in Edinburgh. There is an artist in every one of us; those who can paint and those who appreciate art. If you belong to the latter group, then you’re sure to have a great time at the Fruitmarket Gallery. Exhibitions are usually held, and cafes, and bookshops nearby can be fun places to browse and hang around.

National Museum of Scotland

Who has not heard of Dolly, the first cloned sheep? Now is your chance to meet her in person by going to National Museum of Scotland. Other exhibitions the museum offers would be some artifacts from Scottish history. Going up to the Roof Terrace will get you another great view of the city.

The Mosque Kitchen

This cafeteria-style restaurant serves gastronomic delights of mouth-watering curries that are home cooked, heaven on earth for the avid food enthusiasts. The curries come with delicious naan bread that may likely whet your appetite to ask for more. This authentic Indian cooking costs only a few pounds and even if this was set up to serve their congregation they do welcome visitors.

Thistle Street, Rose Street, West End, Grassmarket

The cobbled streets of these areas are lined up with amazing boutiques that sell designer products down to some surprising bargains. If you are the type that shops till your card surrenders, then this is the perfect haven for you.

Rosslyn Chapel

The beautiful and mysterious design of the stonework in this chapel has starred in the Hollywood Blockbuster The Da Vinci Code. This made it famous overnight, and now visitors from all over the world take their time to visit and see the mysterious quality of its stonework.

Cabaret Voltaire

For the music enthusiast, this place would be perfect. It is an underground place that features live music from up and coming bands seven nights a week. Raw talents are often discovered here. The staff is friendly and will more likely make you feel at home.

What did you think of this list of Unusual Things To Do in Edinburgh?