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Airbnb is a fantastic option for travelers. It connects you with locals who rent out a room or the entire place depending on your preference.

Personally, I use Airbnb a lot, and ave always had good experiences. 

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BOOKING.COM is one of the best hotel bookings sites on the market. Man times they have great deals that cost less than booking the location from the source.

It is a great resource to check on compare prices on hotels.

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You might picture hostels are dirty dorms rooms full of loud kids. Now hostels cater to the 25-5 demographic.

Even their private rooms tend to be much cheaper than hotels.

Hostelworld is always my first stop when looking for cheap accommodation


The biggest and badest perk of Priceline is that lets you bid on hotel rooms.

Which gives you the chance of saving a lot more money than on other booking sites.

Priceline is one travel resource you want in your arsenal.

Trip Advisor


TRIP ADVISOR: The biggest travel site in the world helps you with everything.

You can use trip advisor to read reviews and book activities, and find cheap hotels, or find the best restaurants. I use trip advisor constantly.



One of the most popular flights booking sites, and with a good reason.

Kayak offers great deals, fare, tells you whether the flights is likely to raise in price and more.

They are a good base for finding tickets.

Secert Flying - Fantastic Travel Resrouce


The sole purpose of secret flying is to look for cheap tickets and airline error fares and broadcast them to the world.

You can find some incredible deals!

I check Secret Flying once a week just for the FUN of it.  (Yes, looking at low-cost airfare is fun in my world)


Skyscanner is my go-to travel resource if I don’t have specific dates or destination in mind.

You can search prices for entire months, or destinations based on price.

This is the website I use the most when buying insanely cheap flights.

Secert Flying - Fantastic Travel Resrouce


Airtreks specializes in finding round the world tickets using multiple airlines.

They also work with you on fine tuning your destinations and have excellent customer service.

Travel Insurance

Roam Right

RoamRight is a fantastic insurance company, and only one of two travel insurance companies I recommended.

They have great coverage

World Nomads - Best Travel Insurance


World Nomads is a leading provider of travel insurance and recommended by travel giants like Lonely Planet.

They are a great choice for travel insurance.


Epic Gap Year

Epic Gap Year, has shares a huge passion for travel.

They are all about surf, scuba, snow, and adventure whether that’s being a Dive Master in Thailand, surf coaching in Morocco.

World Nomads - Best Travel Insurance

RTW Backpackers

Simply put – RTW connects travelers with excellent experiences all over the globe! Although admittedly they do specialize in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and South East Asia.

They got a fantastic team outsourcing heap of new products too – including Surfing in South Africa and Learning Spanish in Ecuador so stay tuned for those to be launched!

Tour Companies

G Adventures

G Adventures are small-group travel experts. They give travelers the tours they want and are one of the best tour companies out in the market.

G Adventures provide top-notch tours in top-notch places with top-notch staff at great prices.

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Intrepid Travel

Intrepid is all about small group tours. You’ll stay under the radar, travel the local way, eat the local way and sleep the local way.
Intrepid’s moto is small groups, big adventures.

Haka Tours

I love Haka Tours. They offer some amazing tours around on my favorite countries.

Local guides take you around this beautiful country on small group tours. I love the small tours because they go to hard to local places that many of the other tours skip.

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Context Travel

Context puts a heavy focus on Europe. The company offers high engaging walking tours.

They are small group tours with private guides for the intellectually curious traveler.

Walks of Italy

Whenever I am in Italy, I use this company. They offer fun walking tours around this beautiful country.

The tours are top quality, fun, and informative.

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Where Sidewalks End

Where Sidewalks End is a tour company that connects traveler with authentic experiences in Thailand.

I got my Sak Yant tattoo with them, and it is one of my most memorable experiences on the road.

One reason I love this company is that they have a strong focus on responsible tourism.


My Gear

The Gear I use on the road ( Coming Soon)
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